If you haven’t figured it out already,┬ámy name is Jennifer. I’m a Long Island native, minus the accent. I grew up in Southold, but am now living in Brookville nine months out of the year attending LIU Post. I spend most of my time trying to earn my degree (in elementary education if you’re wondering), but I also love to write. I love to speak my mind to those who are willing to listen. After spending some time writing and editing for the Odyssey, I decided that I needed an outlet where I could be totally me. A place where my writing wouldn’t need to be approved before I could share it with the world. A place where I didn’t have to write just to meet deadlines. And this is the place. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading about my perfectly imperfect life, and anything else I want to share my thoughts on. Welcome to Jenny from the Blogg.